Noname057(16) Attack Tracker

Starting from February 2022, the Ukraine-Russia conflict changed the shape of the cyber threat landscape. Many new actors emerged and the phenomenon of the Cyber Militia raised in popularity on both sides. Starting since March 2022, the NoName057(16) has been one of the most active collective targeting western companies and institutions with DDoS attacks fostered by russian supporting cyber miliants: volunteers who donate their bandwidth, or bandwidth stone from hacked third parties, to the russian cause, hitting many high level organization especially in Italy.

The B42 Labs have been tracking such activities for a long time and now, we decided to share with the cyber security research community a dashboard where to monitor the ongoing attack operations of the NoName057(16) collective.

You can freely monitor up to three company domains and receive early warning notifications in case your company assets would be targeted by the NoName057(16)’s attack operations.


For further details you can read our technical blog post (link). Further indicators will be shared to trusted partners only.

Ongoing Attack Operations

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